With some interest in web sites, photography, video, electronics and astronomy, and living in Cornwall, it seemed a good idea to have this site!

Build a telescope observatory video here

Started summer 2012, we will see how it goes….

As the nights are short I decided to have a look at our nearest star, the sun. There are some of the examples in the gallery. Early days yet…

Using a camera fixed to the telescope I took quite a nice wide angle sky. See this from the equipment page…

Live sky at www.cornishskycam.com

See ISS go overhead. Get email of next overhead pass from NASA (see link below and Truro or Falmouth as position) and check weather for clear night sky. Camera times out after 5 minutes.

Comet Lovejoy

Picture taken quickly between rain showers with Sony Alpha 77 and 18-250mm lens and about 30 second exposure.